Appellation is a small family wellness brand designed and manufactured right here in Dubai.

Formulated on the principles of perfumery, aromatherapy and aromachology, Appelation create naturally fragrant products that influence mood, emotion and that can restore a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Diffusing a blend of carefully prepared essential oils is a wonderful everyday self care and well being ritual.

The Appellation stone essential oil diffusers are a subtle and stylish way to fill your space with natural aroma.

Simply add water and essential oils and at the touch of a button, the ultrasonic diffuser emits a fine aromatic mist, transforming any room into a self-care haven.

Choose from 4 diffuser colours: Biscuit, Luna, Charcoal & Sorbet
Don’t forget to add some single or blend essential oils from the collection  – all available online here.
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Biscuit, Luna, Sorbet, Charcoal

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