Appellation is a small family wellness brand designed and manufactured right here in Dubai.

Formulated on the principles of perfumery, aromatherapy and aromachology, Appelation create naturally fragrant products that influence mood, emotion and that can restore a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Diffusing a blend of carefully prepared essential oils is a wonderful everyday self care and well being ritual.

Choose from 4 single origin oils: True Lavender, Omani Frankincense, Australian Eucalyptus & Desert Rosewood
True Lavender: The so-called “mother of essential oils” is universally known and loved for its exquisite aroma and deeply calming properties. Distilled to exacting standards, this Provencale beauty is rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, which relieve anxiety and tension, and restore a sense of balance.
Desert Rosewood: With a distinctively woody, honey-like aroma, Desert Rosewood has a rich, meditative scent, and often draws comparisons to sandalwood for its ability to promote relaxation and mental calm.
Omani Frankincense: This pure Omani frankincense is unparalleled. Distilled from high-grade Boswellia sacra frankincense resin, this outstanding oil is one of the most sought-after and precious ingredients in perfumery, and its ability to ground and soothe emotions is well documented.
Australian Eucalyptus: With a fresh, invigorating scent, Eucalyptus is perhaps Mother Nature’s finest elixir. Naturally purifying, it has an unmistakably crisp, refreshing aroma that inspires deeper breathing and mental clarity. As well as offering respiratory support, Eucalyptus has a positive, uplifting effect on mood and cognitive performance. 
Each bottle is 10ml = approx 40 uses.
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Single Origin Oils

Omani Frankincense, True Lavender, Desert Rosewood, Australian Eucalyptus

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